Saturday 11 September 2010

Bags Of Fun

My knee was painful again on Thursday and Friday so I decided to do some activity which just involved sitting at a table – and I made a load of gift bags.

I’d bought a roll of wallpaper in Laura Ashley’s Sale when we were in Norwich last month – only 99p. It was a pretty cream colour with gold motifs.


I cut the whole roll into 33cm lengths [the paper is 53cm wide and 10m long]


I then folded and stuck down a 5cm overlap [on the inside] and folded carefully to make a bag with square base [12cm each side]


I got quite carried away and soon had 30 bags on the table and window sill. In the middle of this a friend arrived with a lovely bunch of flowers for me with my poorly knee.


I folded over the top edge, and made two holes with an ordinary hole punch – and threaded ribbon through.


I had the ribbon in the Great Stash – and used up some sellotape and a glue-stick I’d got in multipacks from the Poundshop. So these bags cost me less than 5p each, and I am very pleased with them! They are now neatly packed away in a box labelled “Xmas 2010”

[There is a tutorial for similar bags here]

And my knee is definitely improving, having been properly rested!


  1. Ooh, what a great idea. Thanks.

  2. What a brilliant idea. I'm still in UK so have time to browse in Laura Ashley!

  3. Hello, Angela!
    Thank you for the insight as to why Americans misunderstand movie titles. I laughed! So funny!

  4. You are one clever woman :)
    Glad your knee is feeling better.

  5. Stunning, I'm going to have a go at making some of these gift bags, I make soap for gifts and these would be lovely to put it in, thanks for the post xxxx

  6. Just as well you're getting organised with only 110 sleeps to go (or thereabouts..) but we must pray that this knee gets better long before that!

  7. What a fabulous idea!
    The bags look lovely, and so much nicer than you would find in a store.


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