Saturday 25 September 2010

Wonderful Wipz!

Today my Blogfriend PomPom is celebrating her birthday – and her post yesterday was all about BandAids and Wet Wipes. Hope you’re having a happy day with the Grandchildren, PP – but your post set me thinking…

Wet Wipes – or Baby Wipes as they tend to get called here in the UK only really came into the shops in the 1980’s.


Certainly when Liz was born in 1982, most nappy changing involved cotton wool balls and baby lotion. But things moved on very quickly, and it wasn’t long before those plastic packs were in every bag, bedroom, bathroom and glovebox. In our house when the girls were small, we called them bottiwipz [no, don’t ask my why we chose such a perverse spelling, that is lost in the mists of time]

All these years later, I am still buying wipz quite regularly – even though I don’t have children in nappies anymore [and haven’t done since 1986]. They have a million and one uses, although the original purpose is still at the top [bottom?] of the list.

I use wipz for

  • quick clean ups of bathroom surfaces
  • removing makeup
  • blotting small stains from clothing
  • polishing mirrors
  • quick clean ups after finger foods/picnics
  • cleaning my car interior
  • wiping fingers and fixing errors when facepainting
  • cleaning wellies and other plastic/rubber footwear
  • cleaning plastic handbags
  • wiping cordless phones and base units
  • dusting off computer printer, and mouse
  • wiping clean the cords on my rotary dryer
  • cleaning rubber stamps when I am crafting

And that’s just a quick list, there are probably other uses which I will remember later! There are some very strange videos on YouTube about using wipz for obscure crafting purposes. I expect I could even find one on making PomPom some roses for a Birthday Bouquet if I searched hard enough!

In What Wonderful Wayz Will You Use Your Wipz?

And before you good green folk out there all comment about it – yes, I know disposable things are not very eco-friendly. But nobody’s perfect – and I am sufficiently inconsistent to love these wipz – but abhor disposable nappies!


  1. Like you, I use them for so many chores, especially bathroom cleaning. We always have them in the car for sticky fingers after a picnic, and they are ideal for hospital patients too.

  2. I'm afraid it's all still too recent for me, and I thus adore NOT having to have packets of them on the shopping list any more! One packet lives in the bathroom for the same reason its kind first entered the house!

  3. I loved this post! Yes, I love how they feel and I consider them such a luxury. I bought the cheap wipz (I'm spelling like you now) for our babies, but now we don't go through them quite so fast so I buy the nice ones. I'm glad to hear my English friends use them just like I do. I'd forgotten how nice it is to have a box of wipz in the car.


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