Friday, 3 September 2010

Forever Friends

Looking for projects to finish, I found one not even started! Nestling in a crumpled little plastic bag was this Forever Friends kit


So I sat and stitched the design – then wondered what to do with it. Yesterday inspiration struck when I was with my friend Debbie. She’s a very accomplished cross-stitcher, who makes lots of lavender bags. So I bartered with her - ¼pint of milk for a small bag of lavender. On Wednesday I covered a coathanger, and made the stitching into a bag. This is to be a present for someone special in my family who has a birthday in a few week’s time – so I also cross stitched her name, and sewed that onto the back of the hanger.


Reading Mags blog, I notice that on Monday her son calculated that there are 117 sleeps till Christmas! Now that I [and my sewing machines] have returned from holiday, I am already into full-on sewing-stuff-for-gifts mode!

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