Monday 6 September 2010

Carving, Cleaning, Crafting, Cooking

We began our day off with a trip into the city – to deliver a huge box of books to the charity bookshop, then to the bank and a few other places. We parked by the Cathedral, and having 20 minutes left on our ticket when we’d finished, we called in to see the exhibition of sculptures, by Fenwick Lawson, an artist from the NE of England.


Both of us liked the “Burning Bush” best


The detail on the carving was wonderful


Back home for lunch and Bob set about cleaning the patio with the Pressure Washer. “Come and take a photo” he said, when he was halfway through the task


The whole area is clean now. Great job, Bob!

Whilst he was washing, I was sewing – making some Christmas presents. Here’s a few ‘teaser’ shots. These are for food-related gifts, but that’s all I am saying!

I used three different machines to embroider, overlock and sew this particular project.




This evening, Bob had a meeting, so I made some cookies. We have our Connexion Group tomorrow night, and we’ve been asked to make a favourite cake and take the recipe along to share. I decided that Steph’s 4am cookies [recipe here] would be a safe bet, so made a batch.

I stacked them in fours, and wrapped them in baking parchment, before tying them securely in polybags with a recipe sheet.



And now they are in an airtight box ready for tomorrow night. As well as the bags of cookies for people to take home, there are also some to eat during the evening – and a tin of leftovers [some mis-shapen, some slightly overbaked] for Bob to enjoy!

A satisfyingly productive day. Now I am stopping, and sleeping!


  1. Hi Angela
    thanks for the info re the days. I think UK celebrates the same days as the USA where our son lives with his family so I always get confused as to when they are. The water blaster sure did a great job on your tiles. Plan to try your bikkie recipe - sounds great. Blessings on ya!

  2. I love your packaging ideas, Angela. They look great!

  3. Hello Angela thankyou for stopping by my blog, arn't husbands useful, I am now going to check out the recipe for the cakes. Take care


  4. Wow that carving IS beautiful. Lovely.


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