Thursday 30 September 2010

Save Our Scraps!

Delia Smith’s recipe for Bread and Butter Pudding calls for double cream and candied orange peel. Alastair Hendy’s requires eight egg yolks, and he soaks his raisins in rum. Mine requires leftover baguette, milk left in the jug, and the dried fruit at the bottom of the storage jar!


I’m working hard to recycle leftovers into nutritious meals [see here]

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If it doesn’t have whiskers, or blue spots, and if it doesn’t smell bad, then it is probably edible. It can be saved, and then served!

Older readers among you may recognise this book

redemption hymnal

I am wondering if there is a gap in the market for this title…


My ‘More-With-Less’ Mennonite cookbook ends each chapter with a section called “Gathering Up The Fragments”and my Shirley Goode book has a recipe called “Fatima’s Fishcakes” – which uses left over loaves and fishes

What’s your best recipe for using up the scraps?


  1. I've just put half a stale baguette in the bin. It wasn't even the food waste bin...

  2. I am with you on this one. Nice food doesn't need to be extravagant

  3. Oi! I'm not an older reader (I'm officially young now, the NHS says so) and I not only recall said hymn book but it is very popular in Scotland - one of our midweek groups will only use that book, eschewing all our new books.

    I adore B&B pudding. Any recipe for it is fine and the JS ready made version is pretty good.

  4. Good old "hash" for breakfast. Leftover veg, mashed potato, smoked tofu, throw in a couple of fading tomatoes; saute until the edges are crispy and..Mmmm delicious.
    I also make a "whateverwe'vegot" pasta. Bits and bobs of veg go a long way in pasta.
    We do not seem to throw any food out.(Frugal or greedy?)

  5. We often do soup - but even better is old-fashioned English Shepherd's Pie!!

  6. Nigella's recipe is really indulgent too (that's surely redundancy - Nigella/indulgent, but there we go). I usually use my Stork Cookbook 1989 quantities...

    I like to cook up bits of roast and veg in gravy on a Monday. Son 1 'hates' gravy but loves the 'sauce' on a Monday. Go figure, as I believe they say.

  7. I've got that one - More with Less - love it!
    Left over vegis are great to add to a broth for soup. Add a few crackers and voila - supper!

  8. I was just thinking today about how I hate to waste food. I wish I were better at putting together tasty soups from leftovers. I am good about eating leftovers by myself, standing in front of the fridge, however. Wish I were less good at that ...


  9. Aren't we a thrifty lot! Apologies Catriona - should I have said "Older people and the Scots will know this hymnbook"?

    Yes Frances - I'm sure many of us can identify with eating up leftovers as a quick snack. Perhaps I should make myself a sign to put on bowls in the ffridge "This is NOT a leftover, it is the basis of tomorrow's meal"!!

    blessings xx

  10. Hi Angela I would to know how you make a bread and butter pudding with just milk, I've always been put off by the recipes that you have mentioned.

    My favorite use for old veg is an omelet or pizza, and leftover roast meat has to be a stir-fry


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