Wednesday 29 September 2010

Oh My Tripe And Trollibags!

I thought trollibags meant these…


…but according to my calendar of forgotten English, it is a Norfolk word for intestines!


And, allegedly, East Anglians say “Oh my tripe and trollibags!” when more refined people would say “Oh my goodness!” I do not recall ever hearing this said in Norfolk – and would be grateful if any of you out there can confirm this wonderful phrase.


It was very satisfying to be able to shout “tripe and trollibags!” at the Today Programme. [Perhaps it is because trollibags and Milibands have a vague similarity!] Bob is away at The Hayes**, and Chris Evans has temporarily deserted his Breakfast Show, so I am listening to Radio 4 again for a few days.

[** this is a Christian Conference Centre in Derbyshire – and he is at two consecutive conferences, so away all week. I have no idea where Chris Evans has gone]

Is “OMT&T!” an acceptable expression to use in school, do you think? Liz once had a primary teacher who was fond of yelling “Hell’s Bells and Buckets Of Blood!” and that never seemed quite professional to me.


  1. That brings back memories...

    I recall one teacher who said 'hells bells and buckets of blue bood' and another who said 'ye gods and little fishes.'

    Very mean of CE to vanish like that methinks. I just love his children's slot and the nonsense they all talk. Was sorry when Moira was off too, SS is just not the same.

  2. Oh my, this post made me laugh. I can't imagine shouting, "Hell's bells and buckets of blood" to my class of 5 year olds!

  3. I love Hell's Bells and Buckets of Blood- I'm going to use it in my "very challenging" school on Friday! (Principal's description, not mine!) I think they'll like it, with pumpkin time coming up and all!


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