Saturday, 4 September 2010

Like A Bear With A Sore Head

Yesterday I woke up with a migraine headache


Bob encouraged me to snuggle back under the duvet, whilst he prepared breakfast [so kind of him, I thought] Half an hour or so later, he came and woke me – but for some inexplicable reason he had chosen to wear this shirt


So I went downstairs to breakfast wearing sunglasses!

I struggled on for a bit, then decided I needed to go back to a darkened room and my bed. But my neighbours were having major garden work done – and the chainsaws and industrial shredder were going full speed/full volume right opposite the bedroom window. Here’s a picture of the tree fellers [yes, there are three fellas – the third is out of shot!]


So very grateful for this

eye mask

and these


and these


and a spare bedroom at the back of the house.

Even more grateful that the migraine eased up as the day went on!


  1. Hi Angela, I am glad the migraine lifted they are so sore. I had a headache that lasted 3 day this week. I was so pleased when it went, I was exhausted after it. I hope you are feeling well now!!

  2. Angela, when I get migraines I take Anadin liquid capsules. I recently discovered them (I'm allergic to Nurofen) and found them to be fantastic - as long as I take them immediately I get the warnings signs of migraine. My warning signs include slurring my speech and a sense of having one too many glasses of wine!

  3. Must be the week for them - a friend, my hubby and I have had done! I use Migraleve - always works and fast if I take them quickly enough - available without prescription!

  4. Ouch! I'm glad you laid low and took care of yourself, Angela. Bob's shirt is funny.

  5. Glad you felt better as the day progressed.

  6. So glad that the migraine lifted! I don't get them, but my mother did for many years and she was completely undone by them, had to stay in bed for days. Horrible! The one thing about headaches for me: I feel so happy when they're gone and appreciate being able to go about my normal day.

    BTW, re: wallpaper--we call it "stripping" in the States, too, but I've started calling it "peeling" because the first step was peeling the vinyl paper off. This morning we've been stripping the backing. And it's done! Yay! Onto the painting!


  7. I know what you mean about the shirts. That's my hubby's favorites during the summer, and during the winter, it's George Strait shirts.
    If you can find some feverfew, it is wonderful for migraines; make a tea with it. :-)

  8. Thanks everyone for the kind get well wishes and suggestions for migraine remedies. Hoping it is a long time before I need to try any of them.
    Anne, I had never heard of George Strait shirts so I 'checked' them out. All those checks would give me multiple migraines I think!
    Blessings x

  9. On a 'normal' day those things you mentioned probably wouldn't rate a mention but a headache like that would make you feel like a bear with a sore head. I'm so grateful I don't suffer from them and really glad for you it didn't take too long to life. Blessings!

  10. Migraines are horrid. I get really sick headaches, I take Paramax on prescription. They don't always totally relieve the headache, but at least the nausea subsides. My Mum has Immigram, which really helps her migraines - which are worse than mine.

  11. Hi Angela,
    :-) The George Strait shirts do come in a lot of different checks. They also come in solids too. Hubby likes them because of the material. It's a heavy cotton that wears well and long.
    You're right, the checks can be a little much.:-)


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