Saturday, 24 September 2011

Blooming Marvellous!–A Quick Tutorial

All that pinkness displayed on Wednesday morning was for this weekend’s wedding at Church.

DSCF2429Danielle and Luke are working on a very tight wedding budget and wanted to decorate the church in their chosen colours at minimal cost. I knew I had quite a few white and pink silk flowers in my box in the garage – some from Paul and Kathryn’s wedding – more than ten years ago – and others from the BWA Women’s Conference I organised in Birmingham in 2005.

Sometimes hoarding proves a very useful and thrifty habit! I said I could lend them those flowers, and just buy a reel of ribbon in the right shade of pink. I’ve managed to produce twenty pew-end arrangements, and a large display for the front. But there was one extra request – Danielle’s Gran cannot be at the wedding, and so I said I’d do a flower basket which could go to her after the ceremony.

I found a white basket in the garage, and decided to fill it with fresh white chrysanthemums and gypsophila – with some pink silk flowers as accents, along with a pink bow on the handle. But I had no pink silk flowers left!

Then I remembered a guy who was displaying flowers at the Sandringham Craft Fayre last year – making them from florist’s ribbon. So I had a play around with these things


The blue tool, bottom right in photo, is a Ribbon Master, which came with a multipack of wrapping paper and ribbon about twenty five years ago! It has little teeth on one side of the hinge and you use it to shred ribbon.


Cut two lengths of ribbon about 18cm and 24cm long.


Shred the ribbon, leaving 1.5cm at each end unshreddedDSCF2450

Fold in half, but overlap the ends


Wind this round a bbq skewer, and stick in place with florist’s adhesive tape. Repeat with the other length of shredded ribbon. Tidy up the stem with sticky paper ‘stem’ tape.


Experiment with different lengths, and ‘fluff out’ the ‘petals’


Continue till there is a whole bunch of them


Then arrange the real white flowers in the basket, add some pink ‘accents’, and tie a bow on the handle


And that will be part of the floral decoration in church for this afternoon’s wedding. All for less than £20!

btw – if you have some silk flowers which look rather dusty, hold them firmly upside down, and blast them with a hairdryer!


  1. Is there no end to your imagination? Clever lady, the 'flowers' look superb and I'm sure the Bride and Groom will be more than happy.

  2. Beautiful! They are blessed to have you there. I'm sure Grandma will be thrilled with her basket.

  3. I bet you've even been asked to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. You are amazing, Ang! The flowers are lovely and I'm sure the wedding was gorgeously pink because of your crafty hands!

  4. That is beautiful. Now I'm on the look out for a Ribbon Master.

  5. Clever clogs!
    I used to have one of those ribbon thingies too, still might have somewhere...
    Hope the wedding went well!

    Sandie xx

  6. Do you think tha hairdryer thing works on those willow tree figures that you can't dust for fear of knocking yet another bloomin' gold ball/blue dove/outstretched hand off? I shall try this next time their turn comes! Have to agree with Pom.

  7. I think you are a marvel. Bob is downright lucky to have you, and I know your church must think so, too! You go above and beyond the call of duty! ~Liz

  8. Don't worry - I do realise just how blessed I am!

  9. I really like that, you're very clever!!

    Gill in Canada,


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