Friday, 16 September 2011

The Skirt Can Wait

Feeling a bit sorry for myself – the cough is still bothering me, and the left ear is still unreliable – and I have finished my second lot of antibiotics. And tomorrow Bob is going away at 6 in the morning. But never mind – the post brought the new Boden Catalogue…


I’d like a new winter skirt to fit my slimmer hips. So I was looking through the catalogue for inspiration, and I saw one I liked. But it was £69! Then I remembered I had some fabric in the Great Stash that might work…

I thought I would make a practice skirt, just to ensure a decent fit, before cutting into the good cloth.

Decided the remaining fabric from my recent duvet project would be ideal for this. So I’m kneeling on the floor, with pins, scissors and tape, watching Countdown, and Bob comes in

“What are you doing?”

“I’m making myself a winter skirt?”

“With THAT fabric?”

“No, silly, this is a ‘toile’, a practice model, to get the fitting right”

“I MEANT that fabric is EXACTLY what I would like for a pair of pyjama trousers”

pjs from page 45, and page 46 of the new catalogue [£39 a pop!]

mc306boden 294

So I abandoned the skirt project, and fetched his other pjs to make the pattern, and made him some, then and there


You will notice half a grey and pink floral duvet cover in the photo. I have no idea where this came from, but it was in the stash. I offered to make a pair of pjs in this fabric but he declined. I shall just have to use it for my skirt toile instead.

Here are his finished pjs [or should I call them “cotton pull-ons” as Mr Boden does]


DSCF2413My only worry is that if Bob lies down on the new duvet cover, on top of the check stripe, he will be camouflaged.

Does he lay on the bed or lie on the bed? This is a bit of English where I always get confused – chickens lay eggs, and dishonest men lie about things. My man is neither a chicken nor dishonest.

But he does look exceedingly slim and smart in his new pjs.


  1. Super pyjamas - get well soon and do take the time to make yourself a skirt, too! Have a great weekend.



  2. They are fantastic, all correspondence from Johnny Boden has to go straight in the recycling bin or before I know it I've ordered half of the catalogue!

  3. what a cleer person you are. Dh could do with some winter p.j's


  4. Will you ever get that skirt??
    Guess what? I've got a stinker of a cold,sore throat,and left ear is aching...bother!
    Still going to the papercraft fair with sis today, that is if I ever wake up if I ever get to sleep...
    Have a good weekend,

    Sandie xx


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