Sunday, 11 September 2011

WOW! words

At school, we encourage children to use descriptive, appropriate adjectives [not just saying ‘it was nice’] and we call them Wow! words.

Here are my Wow! words for today


Our Village Funday has been unbelievably amazing

After that, our 9/11 Service of Remembrance was very moving and thought provoking

And now I have come home to baked potatoes cooking in the oven, and they smell utterly mouthwatering

Thanks everyone, for all your kind and generous encouragements as we have had such a busy weekend.

Bob and I are now truly k*&%k&*%$d!


  1. Well, as one of my very elderly friends used to say.."That all sounds very nice, dear"

  2. I love to hear of your evenings, after long days of celebrating people and reaching out to them. It's victorious and encouraging, Ang.

  3. I am always worried when I use the word "nice". Without tone of voice and body language, it can mean anything but.
    Jane x

  4. Well done both of you!
    Guess where I an Rita went today? Checkout the Leicestershire not quite by the sea blog!

    Sandie xx

  5. Hope you have a restful week. Blessings!


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