Friday, 23 September 2011

Famous For Fifteen Minutes!

It has been another exciting day – coffee in town with my friend Elisabeth, and a chance to look at today’s Leicester Mercury [read the article about Mum’s award here] Although I  am sure I didn’t tell the reporter I was “Quite Chuffed” – I think I said “Absolutely Thrilled”, but that is unimportant. Here’s the Colossus machine – but the Wrens worked on that – so it’s obviously not a picture of my Mum who was a civilian.


Then on to BBC Radio Leicester to be interviewed by Jim Davis.

jim davis radio leicesterThat was great fun, and Jim is a lovely guy.

I loved being in the studio.

The interview should go out just after the 10am news on Monday morning.

That’s assuming there are no more important breaking news stories.

Met up with Bob at 12.30pm and we wandered round the European Market – and now home to domesticity and sermon preparation.

I’m just too busy to spend the whole day being a Celebrity!


  1. It has been such a wonderful time for you, and I'm so glad you had this opportunity to honour your mother, and to take the tour around Bletchley park.
    (I expect you will be much in demand for autographs!)

  2. what a neat story. However, why on earth do newspapers insist on telling the whole world how old you are? What has your age got to do with the story?

    Gill in Canada


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