Sunday, 18 September 2011

Prayers, Plums And Tablecloths

It has been a strange Sunday – with Bob away, the house has been remarkably quiet, as I haven’t felt like putting the radio on. In the past two weeks, I’ve heard of a number of friends who are quite seriously ill – it has been good today to have the peace, and the space, to spend time praying for them and their families.

prayer candle

This morning seemed to go OK at Church – I was preaching from Acts 9 and the conversion of Saul/Paul. He was on his way to Damascus when it happened – a city famous for its fine woven cloth [damask] and its fruit - Damascene Plums, otherwise known as Damsons.

But that trivia was quite incidental to the sermon.

We sang Amazing Grace.


This afternoon, back to church as our URC friends were borrowing the baptistery – David, the baptismal candidate, was well into his 70s. Great service, and some super hymns and songs.

We sang Amazing Grace [again!]

And now I am waiting for Bob to return from his Wet Windermere Walking Weekend…


  1. St. Paul is an inspiration to us all.

    Thanks for the trivia, visited Damascus many years ago but didn't know that.

    Sft x

  2. Sang Amazing Grace as the last hymn today. Peace and quiet are always good things to have

  3. I'm sorry that some of your friends are ill.
    I am waiting for Millie Rose to come over so I can play with her. Babies are so dear. I thought about you because I saw a cookbook based on The Archers.

  4. I too have been trying to make the most of the silence when the boys are at school. I am finding the days increasingly hard at the moment. The mum sized whole is growing larger and larger and all I want is a big hug from her and for her to tell me it will all be OK.

  5. I made damson jam yesterday! And Nedboy tells me his trees are even riper for the harvest this week!

  6. Sorry to hear some of your friends are seriously ill but, hope they are comfortable if not cured.
    I go all goosie when I hear Amazing Grace, especially played on the bagpipes.

    Will be (hopefully) making Apple mint jelly some time this week, will save a jar for you both....assuming it's edible and not burnt!

    Have a wonderful week,

    Sandie xx

  7. I love "Amazing Grace," gives me goose bumps...

    Gill in Canada

  8. We sang the new song Amazing Grace yesterday at church. It is really good but not as powerful as the old one. We had three baptisms last Sunday. It was very moving and now three more people are making enquiries about baptism. Yay!


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