Saturday, 10 September 2011

Ey Up, Mi Duck!

As they say in these parts – meaning “Hello my friend!” I am feeling rather duck-like myself this weekend…


…attempting to sail along serenely, whilst under the water, my little legs are paddling like crazy. Saturday afternoon we have two simultaneous events to attend [well actually three, but we had to send our apologies to the 3rd place – as there are only two of us]


It is a busy weekend for the whole village.This morning, our friends at the Parish Church are starting a King James Version 400th Anniversary Bible Reading Marathon. Hoping to pop along to listen to some of that if I have time. Still a bit deaf in left ear though – hope their PA is working well!

Whilst I am doing that, Bob will be loading his car with some of his PA gear for the Funday tomorrow.

Next up, starting lunchtime, is the 10th anniversary celebration for the opening of the Free Church Housing Project next to our chapel. It’s a brilliant community – here they are at a ‘Songs Of Praise’ event a couple of years back, sitting round in the central courtyard in the summer sunshine.

carey gardens

We have been invited to a special lunch, then there is an Open Afternoon and Thanksgiving Service [Bob’s taking part, along with Tom the Rector, and others] but I shall be leaving midway to go here


This is the village of Hugglescote, where I go to preach quite regularly. I shan’t be going as often now, as today is the Induction of their new Pastor. Bob will be joining me later [in time for tea- typical!]

He is planning to come over to HBC on the motorbike, as his car will be full of equipment. I hope it isn’t raining.

hugglescote school

The church actually meets in the local Primary School, as their building was demolished a few years back. I am looking forward to meeting Rev Peter Lanigan and his wife.


I like the design of their church logo – a group of people, standing firm on the Word Of God, at the foot of the Cross.

The church is the people not the building!

Our apologies have gone to another church [Central Baptist, in the middle of Leicester] as they too have an Induction for their new pastor, Andrew Fitzgerald.

This is another church where I’ve been to preach a few times.Central

And after we have been to all those events and thanked the Lord for blessing all these good people, prayed for them, and eaten their refreshments…then we have to load up my car with the remaining PA gear.

Then some sleep…and Sunday is the Funday. I am not even going to mention what is happening on Monday! I’ll have my camera with me all weekend- but will probably forget to take many pictures in the busy-ness of it all.

Expect some rather random blogging for a few days.


  1. Don't forget to breathe!
    No envy for your busy weekend, hope it all goes swimmingly!

    Sandie xx

  2. Have a great time. It is a good logo isn't it... and a good group of folk. Look out for SW's extra yummy home made cakes (her parents were bakers and she was/is a home econ teacher.

  3. A few 'breath prayers' should get you through. In all the business don't forget to have fun!
    Jane x

  4. When life gets that busy I have trouble sleeping - so my wish for you is enough sleep to get through this very full weekend!

  5. Would love to hear more about the Free Church Housing Project. That sounds interesting. ~Liz

  6. Love, love, love the duck! My granddaughter, age 14 months, love ducks and she will really like seeing this one swimming!


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