Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Mug Shots!

We are in process of renewing our passports. They actually expired months ago, but we haven’t travelled anywhere foreign since we bought Cornerstones [contrary to common belief, East Anglia is not another country!] I will be needing mine in November**. So we got new photos. The instructions state

Neutral expression, no frowning or grinning, no raised eyebrows, no teeth showing, no glasses, no head-coverings, no hair across face, no shadows, no red-eye.

The resulting pictures are utterly dire! they may let me out of the country, but I am wondering if they will let me back in again!


Somehow I feel that just out of shot, we ought to be holding up cards with our convict numbers on them!

hugh grant convict

It costs £77.50 to renew a passport. At least it lasts ten years. This will only be my second passport, and I think the first was used about 12 times.

I wonder how much use this new one will get?

**I will tell you more about the November trip nearer the time.


  1. Gosh those a well scary mugshots! How brave of you to post them. Since when no glasses? Hmm.

    Ah well, once you have your gleaming new passports you can go off and enjoy yourselves.

  2. eyebrow pencil and mascara - instant solution! (maybe not for dad though!)

  3. You are SO brave to publish your passport photos on here!!

    I hate mine and how Lovely Hubby ever gets back into the country I don't know he looks like a thug or terrorist on his!

    Sue xx

  4. Catriona- the leaflet recommended removing glasses.
    Sue, is it altogether fair to say your husband looks like a terrorist?!
    Steph- WHY didn't I ask you, my beautiful globe-trotting daughter, for advice before we took the photos?

  5. Seeing other people's passport photographs always makes me thankful I've never needed a passport - yet.

  6. Use those passports to come visit us!

  7. I don't think I have ever seen a decent passport photo.

    We travel on a Canadian one and they only last five years, must see when ours is up.....

    Gill in Canada

  8. I see you (Angela, not Bob) are wearing earrings. We are not allowed them on our passport photos. My passport photo isn't toooo bad but boy, you should see my driver's license!!
    Jane x

  9. I believe that mine makes me look like a matron in a prison camp!....there ought to be a website for bad passport photos and mine should be in the top 10!
    Canadian passports cost a lot and are only good for 5 years - in reality only 4.5 as many countries won't let you enter on a passport that's within 6 months of expiration.

  10. I don't understand the reason for making everyone adopt the so-unflattering "neutral" expression. Most people have a faint smile most of the time ~ I don't look like me at all in my passport photo ~ I look like some miserable old........!!

  11. The only time I look like my passport photo is at 5:00am!


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