Friday 29 November 2013

Feeling Sheepish

ValkyrieI sat up Very Late on Sunday night, all by myself at Cornerstones**, watching Tom Cruise & Co in Valkyrie. He plays Claus von Stauffenberg, the Wehrmacht colonel who spearheaded the 20 July 1944 plot to assassinate Hitler and save the fatherland. The film was…ridiculous!

However I was keeping myself  busy throughout, stirring home-made marmalade and also knitting sheep. I felt that I was being productive even if the film was not very convincing.IMG_1146

These two will soon join the rest of the flock at the church.


We are having a Sheep Nativity Trail around the village next month. Many thanks to Debs for being the Ovine Outing Organiser!

IMG_1149**This was a lightning trip, I arrived 7.30pm Sunday and left 12 hours later.

I had tea and a chat with my lovely neighbour, fixed the faulty door lock, put up the Christmas decorations, made marmalade, sewed up the sheep, vacuumed everywhere, sorted out the beds and more. The boiler is working beautifully now [thank you Chris, who kindly house-sat for us last week when the man came to service it!] Won’t be back there now till Christmas. Only 27 sheeps sleeps


  1. Your 'sheeps' are so sweet! You could open a sheep shop?

  2. Definitely more baaa than humbug!! You must be all "sheeped" out this year.

  3. I caught the very very end of that movie a while back, and now you make me think it's not worth looking for the start, middle and rest of end! I had a bit of a twelve hour shift like that last night, but will be doing as little as possible tonight!!

  4. They are really cute. I love the idea of a sheep nativity trail!


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