Thursday 21 November 2013

My First Christmas Card Of The Year!

IMG_1011This week at the Women’s World Day Of Prayer Residential, our final activity is to exchange  Christmas Cards. We each put one envelope in the basket and take another out! Last year I created a handmade cross-stitched one [pictures here] and wanted to do something similar this year.

I decided to make a Christmas ornament.  Firstly I did two motifs- a nativity scene and the WWDP logo with 2013 underneath.

I mounted the circles and bound them with some Christmas fabric, and also attached a hanging loop. I made the binding with my ancient bias binding maker, [pictured here] and a scrap of Christmas print fabric. I cut a circular hole in the card, and also a small slit for the loop - so both images are visible. By sewing a small button on one side, I was able to hang the ornament in place.IMG_1009IMG_1010

I hope my friend on Committee [whoever receives it] likes her card!


  1. Beautiful card, I'm sure the lucky recipient will love it.
    Have a great day, Vee x

  2. Beautiful, Ang - I am sure your friend will be delighted xx

  3. Whoever chooses your card from the basket is very lucky indeed. It's beautiful, and thoughtful too.

  4. I think your card is lovely! I remember your post last year about the card you made then. I hope we'll see photos of the card that you receive, as well!

  5. It's beautiful, so imaginative. I think you will set a new standard!

  6. Beautiful job, Angela! That's the gift that will keep on giving every year. :-)

  7. She loves her card! And the thought that went into it!


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