Tuesday, 5 November 2013

On Yer Bike!

Eight months from now [5th July 2014] the Tour De France will begin- and Le Grand Depart will be in YORKSHIRE. Here’s a map of Stage One of the route.

Le tour 2014 The_route_large

You will notice halfway round, that ‘Buckden’ has been circled. My friend Carol [and her family] frequently enjoy holidays there. This pretty little village has taken its responsibilities regarding Le Tour very seriously.

sheep in snow

In an area famed for its sheep, they are making lots of woolly creatures in yellow jerseys to celebrate.


Here are the ones which Carol has already made [I notice one of them is not wearing a cycle helmet. Tut tut!!]


photo (2)

Carol needed some appropriate labels so I did these for her on some scraps of Aida fabric.

You can read more about the start of Le Tour here.


  1. Early planning looks good. Just realised your husband and our youngest daughter share a birthday.

  2. Are they not supposed to be retro cycling caps (rather than helmets) on the sheep? Y'know, the kind of thing that Eddy Merckx would wear?

    1. I bow to your superior knowledge of cycling wear, daughter!!

  3. Yorkshire? This does seem a pas trop loin!


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