Monday, 4 November 2013

Happy Birthday, Bob!

bob birthday collage 2013

To the man who brings me love and joy every day,

  • who teaches me so much about the grace of God
  • who shows me such unconditional love
  • who is amazingly patient when I am tired and crabby
  • who makes great coffee, amazing bread and fabulous meals
  • who can make me laugh till I cry
  • who knows what's wrong with the computer, and can fix it
  • who lets me ride on the pillion seat of the motorbike
  • who dries my tears when I am sad
  • who gets down the things on the high shelves above my reach
  • who helps carry my burdens
  • who knows exactly when to make me a cup of tea
  • who can preach a great sermon
  • who practises what he preaches
  • who has been the love of my life for more than 35 years
  • who shares my passion for spreading the Gospel
  • who is father to my two amazing daughters
  • who has a seemingly insatiable appetite for ice cream

Happy Birthday - may your special day be wonderful - full of love, life and laughter [and some good food too!]


  1. You are one very lucky lady. In fact you are one very lucky couple. Happy birthday, Bob.

  2. Great photos, Ang! Please wish Bob a very happy birthday for us all here xx

  3. Happy Birthday Bob!
    Yes, he IS a lovely, lovely man.
    Jane x

  4. Wishing Bob a very Happy Birthday!

  5. Many Happy Returns, Bob.
    Love from Mum

  6. I hope that you've both enjoyed Bob's special day. Jx

  7. Happy Birthday, Bob, from your frozen in the North friends xxxx

  8. What a lovely post. Happy Birthday Bob

  9. Happy birthday Bob! What a lovly tribute to him!x

  10. You are all very kind! We had a great day together, a lovely meal and some super presents.

    1. He means that HE had lots of super presents [I got a lovely meal and a new craft punch!]

  11. Belated Birthday greetings to BOB!
    I hope you had a woonderful day! xx

  12. What a wonderful description of him. You fit so well together. Belated happy birthday Bob.


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