Saturday 30 November 2013

Why I Love Teaching…

well, one reason is because children say such wonderful things. Four and five year olds are particularly good at coming out with comments which brighten my day. Yesterday was a long tiring Friday  But there were two high spots.

question mark

We were doing a “Guided Read” – and I pointed to a question mark and said “Does anyone know what this is?”

“Oh yes, Mrs Almond, That is one of those Mystery Marks isn’t it?”

I think Mystery Marks is a fabulous name for them, don’t you?

owlsLast week the children were looking at the story of the Owl Babies, so we asked them to find out some owl facts. Yesterday I was talking to one child about this.

ME: And do you know when owls do most of their flying?

PUPIL; Yes, at night time. And they are called noct…noct…noct….

ME; [very patiently]…Yes?

PUPIL; Noct – over !

I was particularly impressed by another child who asked me if I knew that the cassowary bird attacked humans ‘and if he kicks you it might break your leg’ I said that I did not know this fact [and did not point out that it has  nothing to do with owls – I was so pleased with his obvious thirst for knowledge] I do, however, know this poem by Samuel Wilberforce [1805-1873]

If I were a cassowary
On the plains of Timbuctoo
I would eat a missionary,
Cassock, bands, and hymn-book too.


  1. My older ones (13-18!) do things that make me smile on busy and exhausting days - like writing that you need to wear safety googles and use thongs to pick up hot test tubes! :-)

  2. I think Safety Googles would look really cool, can I have some red ones, please. Not so sure about thongs though - I understand that in Oz, 'thongs' are what we call 'flipflops' which is even more confusing xx

  3. In English we're learning about rhistorical questions, which I why I was particularly delighted when J used two of them in her election speech in History on Wednesday!

  4. And in New Zealand we don't wear thongs, we wear Jandals! So there!

  5. Ha ha!! I love childish mistakes and enthusiastic knowledge! X


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