Monday 25 November 2013

You SHALL Go To The Ball, Cinderella

My friend Gemma, as I mentioned, has a new children’s party business and I have made her some Snow White aprons.

dream parties 


Her daughter has a pukka “Cinderella” frock, all blue gauze and satin and velvet, in shimmering iridescent fabrics.

I think she would sleep in it, if she were allowed to. Such are the dreams of some little girls!

However, the dress is not that strong, being mostly made of fantasy fabric.


All round the waist, the gauze is shredding and the fabric is coming away.

“Help!” said Gemma.

There is very little seam allowance, and it is so hard to repair this sort of thing both ‘invisibly’ and ‘firmly’. Conclusion, repair the skirt with strong, firm stitches, then hide the stitches.


An additional peplum of white lace [retrieved from the great Stash] covered a multitude of sins. I hope her Royal Highness is happy with the repair!

I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion -having repaired quite a lot of “Dressing Up Outfits” in recent months – that shops make these items assuming they’ll be worn only once.

Birthday Party, Halloween or Christmas Day – just the one outing and then don’t expect it to hang together for much longer after that. We had Dressing Up Clothes that went on for years. I am turning into a Grumpy Old Woman again… oh dear!


  1. Well, I know where to come when my dressing up outfits need repairing.....

  2. Oh, I so agree with you! They don't make "costumes" to last. I sewed what we called a "fairy princess dress" for my little daughter many years ago, and then our 2nd daughter wore it also. It's still in great shape. We really should make more of this kind of thing, but it's WAY, WAY down on my list of to-do's! Great job! I think the lacy edging is a lovely improvement.

  3. Well done. It is sad that these clothes are seen as short term only.

  4. I have a purple top in very fine knitted something that could do with just this treatment to hide a large hole above the lazy hand's pocket. I had thought of finding toning ribbon and trying to make do and mend. You nearly inspire me!


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