Sunday 3 November 2013

My Cup Of Tea

At our Connexion Conference, I won a Bible Competition, and this was my prize – I love it! A mug designed just for the Pastor’s Wife.

pastorswife mug

The mug has a definition of a PW;

Pastor's Wife: 1. the woman who serves the congregation alongside her husband, the pastor, and helps him shepherd the church. 2. a woman worth more than precious rubies.

And around the mug are inscribed various bible verses, including Proverbs 31:29-30.

I don’t recall, in the 32 years since Bob became a Student Pastor in Kent, ever receiving something specifically designed for “The Pastor’s Wife” before. So this is rather special. I wish I could buy one for all of my friends who are PWs [and for those who are PHs too!] just to encourage them in their special role.


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