Wednesday 20 November 2013

Lucky Old Cecil!!!

Are you knitting any of your Christmas presents this year? I have just found this wonderful little song [on the Southwark Libraries website – where you can hear it being sung] It is quite the thing to sing as you are purling away!

"... So I'm Knitting a singlet for Cecil,
    a nice woolly singlet for Cecil.
    It will keep him as snug as a bug in a rug.
    As in its embrace he will nestle,
    It's fancy where it should be plain,
    but I can't pull it back again.
    It's low at the the back, and the front is a V,
    And the armholes are not where they are meant to be,
    But it's soft, so it's sure to remind him of me..."



  1. What an amazing song! I think it's just the song for Miley Cyrus or Rhianna to sing to today's youth!!

    I'm not knitting any presents this year - my knitting really isn't good enough! - but I am knitting blankets to send to Spanish Stray Cats, to keep the cats in the refuge cosy in the winter. Rubbish knitting, but I don't think the cats will mind!

  2. I've knitted that very same sweater for Chris !
    Jane x

  3. Lucky Cecil indeed. I bet he pronounce his Cecil as See-sill too. I don't think I'm making one single present this year. Not that I generally make many. Too much pressure of time! Though I had hankered after knitting a nice cable scarf for Prince Charming after he admired some in M&S... Maybe for next Christmas!

    1. Wouldn't he then have to pronounce nestle as knee-sill?


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