Monday, 8 June 2015

God Made Summer! Enjoy x

I love the new poster outside church this week. What a great message. 
As you will see, the extension work is progressing well, and the roof is now tiled, it blends in well. Work is beginning on fixing cables [easier and neater if done before the plastering] The work is being done by a great team of both paid and volunteer professionals, assisted by volunteer labourers. 
The final picture in the quartet is another Dorset Button. One of our ladies was wearing this brooch on her jacket at the Morning Service, I just had to take a picture. How clever to use a little black bead to make a spider on his web! She said her daughter-in-law made this many years ago. I asked if I could photograph it and have a go myself. Not only did she say yes, but also said she had a good sock pattern using 4 dpns she'd let me have a go at. People are so kind! 
Over the weekend I had an email from someone asking about a favourite knitting pattern I had blogged about, which she had owned years ago, but lost. I was so pleased to be able to help out. Sometimes the internet is truly wonderful.


  1. The internet IS cool! I love having got to know you! The button is brilliant and yes, God made summer!x

  2. I do love that spider brooch ! It is so sweet ! Hugs Debbie x


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