Thursday, 4 June 2015

Thirty Seven Is A Good Number!

37 is a fascinating number- it is a prime, a centred hexagonal number, and has all sorts of other weird mathematical properties. 37ºC is normal body temperature.  Psalm 37  is a fantastic psalm, full of encouragements. And Thirty Seven is the great coffee shop just round the corner. 

I had set aside Wednesday morning to write a sermon, but the phone kept ringing and there were things constantly disturbing my thoughts. I was feeling a bit frustrated.
I had to walk to the letter box, so I just kept walking up to 37, and installed myself with a medium coffee [which I consider to be large] on the sofa, and sat with my Bible, a notebook and a pen, working away. I dealt with a couple of text messages, but generally worked undisturbed for ages. Bob joined me at lunchtime, and we chatted over a sandwich, checked diaries and discussed my sermon.

And I not only got loads of preparation done, but felt rested and refreshed. And they have free WiFi” said Bob. As I do not possess a tablet or smartphone, this is of little use to me. But I can recommend their coffee [and sandwiches!] I do think their logo is clever, making the digits look like a steaming cuppa.

Here's a lovely verse from Psalm 37. No, that isn't my text for Sunday, I am preaching on  Exodus 20:12 , as we are working through the commandments and are at #5


  1. Sounds like a very nice way to pass the time, coffee and a Bible, what more?

  2. You are very clever at making links! Glad you found somewhere to work undisturbed. is that your writing? It is beautiful!x

    1. No, sadly not my script. It is lovely, isn't it?

  3. I was there ALL DAY - and had five hot drinks. 37 + 5 = 42!!

  4. 42 - the answer to the meaning of life. ? Quote from Douglas Adams I think.


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