Thursday 18 June 2015


We went into Bournemouth on Tuesday morning. Bob needed to visit Keith Jones Christian Bookshop to pick up some bits and pieces. As we walked from the car park down the hill, we saw the tethered balloon floating above the Lower Gardens near the pier. It goes up to about 500 feet above the town.They've had a balloon there for years - it used to be called "The Bournemouth Eye" - but seems to have changed its name since London got a very different sort of eye!
Bob got the things he needed, then we had a little wander round a few shops, and a cup of coffee for elevenses.
Beales department store is changing hands and having a massive sale. "Up to 70% off" So I naturally felt obliged to check out the haberdashery department. Neither of us was particularly impressed by the 'reductions' And some of the fabric seemed to have got very sulky about the whole affair, and was refusing to participate! What a strange way of describing things!


  1. I've been to Bournemouth a couple of times - always enjoyed seeing the balloon, never went up in it though!

    I love these sales that promise "up to" a certain amount off. Usually means that there's one product with that reduction hidden away in a corner, and the rest of the reductions are substantially less...

  2. How funny. I can just imagine the fabric huffing and saying 'not going to join in'.

  3. I like to go to the gardens by the balloon and open air art exhibition to see my mum and then drag her off for coffee in Debenhams. I've looked at the fabric in Beales but it seemed to be expensive quilt types that I didn't love enough to buy.

  4. That sign made me giggle.
    I love it when a waiter says "can I introduce our dessert menu?" I always reply "Hello menu, I'm Sarah, nice to meet you!"


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