Monday, 22 June 2015

Meanwhile, Back In Ferndown

Bob Bracken, our local jockey, [who I met inside Tesco foyer in May] had a brilliant day racing in York on June 13th. He raised over £7000 for Macmillan Nurses, and sends thanks all those who supported him.

Meanwhile, my friend Carina, who I meet regularly outside the store, selling the Big Issue, will be at her pitch on Wednesday for the last time for a while. 
She is a lovely lady, always smiling -and her baby is due to be born [by C-section] on July 13th. She sells the BI because her husband is unwell and cannot work. I am hoping that lots of people go and see her on Wednesday and buy all her papers, as she will be unable to be there once the baby is born. Whenever I stop and chat, she asks about my family, and how things are going at the church. She does not complain, even though her life is hard - but she talks about God's love and His goodness, and His blessings. I shall miss seeing her!


  1. I do hope all goes well for this lovely lady. Have loved reading your last few posts, and the wedding stationery bits and bobs look gorgeous. You have been busy! Time for a rest now?? x

  2. Oh I hope she does ok! It's lovely you know her story. xx


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