Friday 26 June 2015

Sword Play

Original plan – no wedding ‘cake’ but lots of ‘cakes’. I sorted out all my tiered stands and glass cakeplates [which I’ve been collecting from CS for years] Then discussion arose about the Japanese Officer’s Sword, which Bob’s Dad brought back from WW2. Mark asked if I could make a wedding cake to cut with it [you can’t really slice a cupcake with a 3foot sword, can you?] He seemed to think that as my Christmas cakes are OK, that it would be a walk in the park! I made the cakes, Bob trimmed them, I put on the Almond Paste. Then Jill came and taught me how to put on the icing, and make ivy leaves [to fit in with the woodland theme] I only met Jill in January, and she willingly gave up her time to teach me this new skill – insisting that I could do it, it was to be ‘all my own work’ Steph provided a Sylvanian Couple – I sewed their wedding outfits. Mark went to Jane’s Trains in Tooting [where else?] to get the trees.the day and after

At the Reception, the cake stood on a side table with the other beautiful cakes. Thank you everyone who brought these, Kate, Marion, and others – especially Barbara for having a spare ‘emergency cake’ in case we ran out, and also thoughtfully for bringing fresh flowers which were bestrewn around the table, adding to the ‘nature’ atmosphere]

Then Bob carried the cake to the Top Table, and Steph and Mark had enormous fun slicing it. Many photos taken of the swordplay.  Frank promptly retrieved the sword and stowed it away safely afterwards. We certainly didn’t want any Midsomer Murders type accidents.

the day and after-001

the day and after-002

And afterwards, sections of the bottom tier went back to Liverpool, and Dorset – and I spent Monday preparing parcels for friends and family who had to miss the ceremony. Many thanks to all who helped with this great moment in The Day.


  1. Well done Ang, it looks incredibly professional.

  2. Beautiful cake - well done! And what a fun way to cut it!

  3. We cut our cake with a sword too..I thought it was just a Naval tradition.
    Jane x

  4. What a lovely day, thankyou for sharing, Vee x

  5. Oh very well done, that is an Amazing cake!!!!x


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