Thursday, 23 July 2015

All The Fun Of The Fair

That is the theme for Kids’ Club at church this summer. Miriam, our Youth Leader has planned and prepared everything – it is fun just to be part of the team, and not have all the responsibilities we’ve had in previous years. But we have given thought to what we are wearing


The church has been decorated to look like the inside of a circus tent [this is definitely The Year Of The Bunting]

kids club 2015

The programme runs a little differently here – the children get to do a variety of different activities and crafts each day and they take their crafts home when they leave. Today’s story was Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Activities included learning circus skills, making a windmill, building a bonfire [edible!] and doing the worksheet.

kids club 20151

I think we had around 90 children. It felt like more!!! The children are divided into three teams – and at the end of the morning, the leaders of the team which has won most points have to play Pass-the-Water-Bomb. The kids love that!


The teenagers have their own programme in the evening. Day One went well – we have two more to go, and then Saturday is the Family Fun Event & BBQ, and Sunday is the Kids Club Service. And then off to Cornerstones for a fortnight [and not having to get up early]


  1. We're doing "Going Bananas" this year - it's next week! looking forward to it.

    1. Have a great time - I will be thinking of you all xx

  2. So much work 'backstage' goes into holiday clubs. It's worth it for all the joy it brings to the children.

  3. This sounds so so fun and reminds me of my old church's summer mission called Whizzbang. It was 5days, morning and afternoon and it was so fun doing the crafts. I'm sad it didn't continue as the new Vicar wasn't so sure about it which was crazy as we often had 200children a day!


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