Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Family Trees

After the speeches at the wedding, Bob and I, plus Martin and Elaine [Mark’s parents] received gifts from the Bride and Groom. Lovely floral arrangements for the Mums [which Steph had arranged for my SIL Marion to collect from the village florists earlier in the afternoon] bottles of something tasty for the Dads - and these necklaces and cufflinks following the woodland theme.


I love the little footpaths round the fir trees! Each gift bag also contained a beautifully worded thank you card from Mark.P1010659

25 years ago, Steph’s teacher called me into the classroom one afternoon. She said they had been trying to think of words beginning with ‘gr’. The children had offered grow, green, and grass- but Steph’s hand shot up, and she suggested gratitude. I am very pleased that our children have remembered the importance of saying ‘Thank you’ even though they are now an old married couple!


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