Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Have You Heard Of Hygge?

Hygge is a Danish word [it is pronounced hu-guh, rhyming with sugar] and it means “creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. The warm glow of candlelight is hygge” My mate PomPom, over in Colorado, came across this word, and decided she wanted to spread hygge among her blogfriends. So she’s repeating something she did back in 2012. PP is a fantastically gifted artist, teacher, grandma, and lover of classic children’s literature. Especially Wind In The Willows. So back in 2012, she made Mr Toad, Ratty, and Mole, and sent them round the world [literally] with their passports, and a copy of WITW.


Those of us who hosted them on the 2012 Willows Tour [Betty, Mags etc] were required to show them the sights and blog about it. Ok, maybe it might seem a little childish – but it was great fun, and I know adults and children enjoyed following the travels of the trio.

Mr B at PPs houseAnd now, in celebration of hygge, PP has sent another WITW character, Mr Badger, on his tour. You can read about it here. He’s visited Ireland and Sussex already [here and here] and clearly been well looked after. He has just arrived in Dorset, so expect a few special WITW posts in coming days. It is a shame he missed the Tea Party on Saturday, that was a good example of English Hygge.

Bob looked at the parcel, and said [a tiny bit pompously, imho] that he felt I had entered into the whole Willows Tour rather too enthusiastically last time. I admit, I did take them to 2 castles, New Scotland Yard, the Houses of Parliament, and more [not to mention the Gin Palace] But then he completely ruined his “I am a grown up, and cannot be bothered with such juvenile pursuits” demeanour by announcing …

badger fireside“Personally, I think this is all wrong. Mr Badger is an elderly gentleman, who should be left sitting quietly by his fireside, in his carpet slippers, not sent round the world, all alone, in a Jiffy Bag!”

Watch this space..


  1. Tend to agree with the Pastor! Have fun though. Also, you need to change your 'About Me' page to include one lovely son-in-law!!

    1. That's a thought. They are currently on the way back from honeymoon in Thailand!

  2. Ha ha ha! I agree with Bob! You must keep him long enough for him to settle right into the very fibers of your household! He loves seeing new things but he must not be pushed. That's why everyone is keeping him a good long time. He likes to look into pantries and cupboards, sit by the fire even on warm days, and examine other folks slippers. Hygge on! THANK YOU for hosting him. He is going to live at Mags' house after he does his USA tour.

  3. I love Mr Badger! I would love to host him! I look forward to seeing how you promise hygge with him! Also inclined to agree with Bob BUT Bob, even elderly gentlemen like the opportunity to hang out with younger, attractive and fun women!x

  4. Your hubby is a gem! :) Sounds like he'll enjoy this adventure as much as you and Badger. Looking forward to hearing about, and seeing photos of, your visit! :)

  5. well he does like to sit around and do not a lot but he's good company and a good excuse to take photos of silly things like magic doors in trees (100 acre woods)!

  6. Treat him gently, Normandy awaits him!

  7. Perhaps Bob is secretly hinting that he's jealous? And wishes to join Badger on his adventures. Do they do Bob size jiffy bags or would a courier be safer do you think?


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