Sunday, 26 July 2015

Fruit Cake


We are very fond of fruit cake in this family. Christmas Cake, Wedding Cake [picture shows Bob trimming Steph & Mark’s Cake before I put the marzipan on] and the Holiday Fruit Cake. For years, just before our self-catering holidays, I have made a fruit cake to take with us in a tin.


For speed and convenience, the HFC is done with a Be-Ro Recipe [here] in a loaf tin, but Christmas and Weddings come from the Good Housekeeping Cookbook.

The important thing is that all my family fruit cakes must contain plenty of fruit – raisins, sultanas, cherries, currants [and sometimes nuts – especially almonds] but no dried peel [cos Bob dislikes it] Every mouthful should be bursting with fruit and flavour.

It occurred to me that there are some Bible passages like that, where verse after verse contains rich nuggets of truth. Not just in the Psalms, but in the words of the prophets, the epistles, and the gospels too. Currently [currantly?] I am being nourished by Isaiah 43.

verse 19

The UCF verse for the year is verse 19 [left]

But recently, a number of dear friends have been enduring all sorts of difficulties, and I have been encouraging them to hang on to these lovely  promises at the start of the chapter.


verse 1

The chapter begins with this amazing reminder that we should not be afraid- God knows us by name, and we are His.

Verse 4 reminds us how precious we are to God, and verse 13 tells us that nothing can separate us from Him.

verse 4

verse 13

verse 10

Verse 10 challenges me as it confirms my calling to be a witness to his love.

The whole chapter is full of verses to encourage, comfort and challenge – bursting with grace and goodness. As rich and dense as the best fruit cake!

Have you got a favourite “Fruitcake Chapter”?

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  1. Never thought of the Bible as a fruit cake...............!
    I go back to psalm 121 for a bit of reassurance.


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