Thursday, 30 July 2015

Time To Relax!

kids club team

Here’s the brilliant Kids Club Team. Miriam, our gifted Youth Worker, who planned it all, is front row, left. Lindsey in the spotty hat has been second-in-command. The guy in the rainbow shirt is Steve – who has been masterminding the building project. The other two characters in hats you will recognise as the newcomers to UCF.

P1010898But now we are holed up at Cornerstones. Our journey here in the wind and rain [with sheets of plywood tied firmly to the roof] was long and tiring. We got here at 1.30am Monday morning. Most of that day we were too tired to think straight. Christine popped round for a cuppa, and the Sainsbury's guy delivered the groceries. Tuesday morning Bob prepared breakfast in the Summerhouse.

It was fun to sit outside and enjoy coffee and croissants – then the sky got even greyer and the rain started again! A quick trip into Dereham for library books, and a CS meander – we found this bargain


At £2.50 for the pair, I was really pleased. I made a couple of individual lasagnes for our meal [Bob’s with cheese on top, mine without] These Hornsea bowls are around £5 for one on eBay right now.

Lots of ‘house’ jobs to do this fortnight – sort out the damp in the garage, fix the dishwasher, do the garden, get the PC working properly. Blogposts may be a bit less regular – and I don’t think I shall be dealing with emails at all. But we are planning some trips out, and lots of reading [and I shall be crafting] I went up into the loft yesterday [first time since we moved house] and found a few things I’d put there at Christmas and forgotten about. And a small plastic bag containing £2.45 in small change. Well that’s the new china paid for!

The weather is very hit and miss – wet and windy, then warm and sunny - but we don’t care at all. We are just thrilled to be here and able to wind down completely. We feel so blessed.


  1. Enjoy your well deserved break Angela. Never mind about posting, just relax.

  2. Enjoy your break, hope you get all the jobs done and find some time for relaxation too, all best wishes, Vee x

  3. Enjoy relaxing and forget about everything else for a bit! J xx


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