Saturday, 25 July 2015

Rock On!

I am definitely feeling my age – Kids Club has only lasted 3 days, and I have far fewer responsibilities – but I am still absolutely exhausted! Friday’s story was David and Goliath. We did not sling pebbles, but we did make Rock Creatures
kids club 2015-003
Our teenagers were fantastic again in the drama – the continuing saga of DillyDally’s Circus. Bob made some custard pies for them, which were thrown with enthusiasm – but poor Rhys struggled to hear his cues due to foam in his ears!!
kids club 20151-001
This afternoon is the Family Fun Day and BBQ – let us hope for sunshine and a good attendance.


  1. Well done Ang! You're doing a good thing.x

  2. Sounds like fun. Hope today went well.

    1. Thinking of everyone at KMFC next week!


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