Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Just To Make You Smile!

A few random photographs taken recently



The Village Crier of West Moors, Dorset. He was ringing his bell, and summoning people to the Fun Day on Saturday. I also got to meet Sponge Bob Square Pants. He was remarkably cheerful [and rather hot in that costume, I suspect]

But the strangest thing was this item which I discovered in my laundry bin. The message is written in indelible Sharpie, in my husband’s handwriting. If not a handkerchief, then what is it?


Being a perverse woman, I have laundered it. It is now pristine white [apart from the bizarre message] I have ironed it, and folded it neatly [words inside] and hidden it in a stack of white hankies in Bob’s drawer. So it may suddenly appear in the middle of a Sunday Service if he needs to blow his nose!


  1. You mean you didn't ask him why he wrote that on a hankie? Now that is really perverse! And you're a far less "nosy" woman then me!

  2. I love your t-shirt! Mine died. I cut the square motif out with the intention of doing something with it. Obviously I never did!

  3. How mysterious.. I look forward to hearing why the message appeared! Jx

  4. Bob admits to writing it - but cannot remember WHY he did it! The handkerchief was lurking in the bottom of a box of PA gear, so that probably means he wrote it sometime last year in Leicestershire. Maybe one day he will remember what it meant!

  5. Ah I'm nosy too and would have been unable to contain my curiosity! Shame he can't remember why.


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