Thursday, 13 April 2017

Christchurch - Where Time Is Pleasant!

We've been to this fine town twice in the past week - on Saturday we went with Rosie and Liz to enjoy the sunshine

[Jon was busy, cycling in the New Forest] 
We went to the Children's Play Area by the river, known as The Quomps. Nobody seems quite sure of the derivation of the name. Some say it is a contraction of "Reclaimed Swamps" - but that doesn't convince me!
Rosie loved going on the swings in the sunshine.
We also had lunch at "Cheese and Alfie's" which was quite splendid.
On Tuesday, Bob and I had to go back to Christchurch to see someone, so we had a bit of a wander round the streets behind the main street. We came across the old Ducking Stool
In olden times, women who nagged their husbands were tied to the chair and ducked in the river as a punishment.The legend along the back reads
 "Of members the tongue is worst or best and often the tongue doth breed unrest"
This stool was made and put up in 1986 to celebrate the centenary of Christchurch becoming a borough.

It's in quite poor condition, and could do with some restoration.
We walked round the corner, and came across the town stocks.
Again, these are a replica of the original.
We were a little disappointed - it seems you simply put your hands through the holes - but that would still enable you to move your head and try to dodge the rotten eggs and squashed tomatoes being flung at you. Not the most efficient stocks we have ever come across.
After all that historical meandering, we were ready for brunch in Alfies - Bob had Eggs Royale - toast,poached eggs, smoked salmon and Hollandaise sauce. I had the Small Pan Breakfast - toast, homemade baked beans, bacon and scrambled egg, served in a cast iron skillet.
We both drank chocolate malts [delicious] 
Our day off ended with a meander round a few discount stores and Charity Shops. I found some lovely Easter cards in The Card Factory, at a very good price. Proper Easter cards, about joy and resurrection, not bunnies and chocolate.
I resisted the temptation to buy a mop for the infinite microfibre noodles.
Instead, I made some high fibre courgetti noodles for tea when we got home.
Yes, our time in Christchurch, on Saturday and again on Tuesday was indeed pleasant.

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  1. It sounds like a lovely day, with family fun and good food too. Pity about the noodles! Wonder how they would taste?!


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