Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Sitting And Stitching

I am endeavouring to follow doctor's orders, and when my arthritic knee hurts, I elevate my leg and rest. Sometimes! On Saturday I decided to allow myself lots of time at the sewing machine - maybe not exactly the same as having an elevated leg, but at least I was sitting down.
I managed to complete a whole stack of sewing jobs for various friends

  • shortening a pair of curtains, and replacing the eyelets with Rufflette tape
  • re-attaching a waistband to a friend's trousers
  • doing an invisible repair on a ripped jacket for another friend
  • shortening a pair of my own trousers [which I have been wearing for weeks with the unsewn hems just turned up and pressed inside]
  • making yet another tea-cosy [a simple one, no frills one this time]
I got out the embroidery machine to produce a couple of bibs for friends of Steph and Liz who have recently had babies

- and on the knitting front I made the little coat and beret from the vintage pattern I used for the dress a few weeks back.

Whilst the red pixie hood on the pattern looks very cute, I suspect my young friend may struggle to fasten the button under the chin - the beret will be easier to pull on. I have cheated with those buttons too - they are decorative, and there are two strips of velcro under the double breasted flap.
A recent post by Heather at Hookery has reminded me that it is months since I attempted any serious crochet. Maybe I should plan some hooking for the Easter Holidays...


  1. That must be such an old pattern!
    I had a doll called Margaret who had a very similar set in navy blue including the pixie hood.
    You have such good ideas i.e. the Velcro but I don't think it existed 65 years ago which is when mine was made!
    I'm sure your friends must appreciate your sewing talents.
    You're using them as God intends you to. Sue

  2. Your sewing never ceases to amaze me. Very clever!!x


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