Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Do you know Beatrix Potter's story, The Tale of Samuel Whiskers? [originally published as The Roly Poly Pudding] It's all about a pair of rats who try and put poor Tom Kitten into a pud. 
I remembered the story when I found some rat-tail serving spoons in a Charity Shop 
The rat-tail cutlery pattern has been around since 1700. It is an elegant, classic shape, and I liked the shape of the bowl. I needed a couple of new serving spoons, but these were in a bundle of 5 for a quid. They were filthy. 
But Brasso  and elbow grease revealed their true beauty. 
Cleaning the spoons revealed that each was hall-marked. They are silver!  Furthermore , on the back of the handle, each spoon was engraved with a monogram - SA. 
I do hope these haven't been nicked from the Salvation Army! 

But I only wanted two spoons. So I thought I should give the other three to Steph, for her new home. Her initials are SA after all. Don't they look lovely? 
 Steph loves them. She suggested that the two I have kept do not say SA, but rather AS, standing for Angela's Spoon! 


  1. Lovely spoons and how lucky that the monogram matched Stephanie

  2. They are great!! Nice to have your own initial spoons! I picked up 3 random silver hallmarked soup spoons from a church Christmas sale and I'm very fond of them!

  3. What a find! They are so elegant, and I'm sure they were meant for you and Steph!

  4. The spoons are very pretty! I've never heard of rat tail spoons before.

  5. Lovely spoons! How nice that the monogram can be taken as both Steph's initials and Angela's Spoon!


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