Thursday, 20 April 2017

Happy Families And Hanky Panky

After a brilliant Easter Sunday morning at church [breakfast, then service including dancing, choir, dot-to-dot and so much more] we drove up to Norfolk. Liz, Jon and Steph had prepared a glorious feast, Rosie enjoyed it too. Lamb, hummus, couscous, chermoula... Then back to Cornerstones. 
I was up early Monday morning, as Steph had a sewing project to complete. 
We had TWO machines on the go. [I cannot post pictures, as it is a gift] We finished at midday and went off to Norwich. 

After a brief visit to the Showground to look at the Antiques Fair [all the stalls were packing up early - Saturday was the best day it seems] we had lunch in Giraffe, then took Steph to the station. 
Then back by ourselves to get a few 'house' tasks done. Bob cut the grass in the morning, whilst we were sewing, but he 'd other jobs to accomplish. 
I wanted to use the sewing machine whilst it was still out. I have decided I should use fewer tissues, and more "proper" hankies. 
In my childhood, Mums would spit on their hankies, then wipe non existent spots from their children's faces. 
Nowadays you cannot do that so well with a paper tissue [altho I note that wise mothers like Liz always have packs of baby wipes in their pockets] 
In my Stash I have some vintage traycloths. Two of these were made of fine cotton lawn. So I have cut and hemmed them to make 5 hankies. 
Maybe some would consider this sacrilege. But I decided it's better to use the fabric than keep it folded in the loft. 

The embroidery is exquisite. I have 1 plain hankie , 3 with little flowers, and one with Chinese lanterns. My machine produced some lovely edge stitching.
Then I sewed up some linen from the Great Stash to make two roller towels. 
Bob is going to make me a holder for the back of the door in the Futility Room. I left a roller towel [with spare towel] on the door back in Kirby - and I miss it. I love the red stripes down the side of this fabric.
I'm really pleased with the appearance, I did a proper run and fell seam with some cream linen thread. Fell seams are ancient - used by Vikings, Saxons and Native Americans for their tents and tepees. Once it's in place, I may invite Country Living magazine to take a photo. Or maybe Marie Claire Idées**. It is definitely very stylish

** One of my birthday gifts was a year's subscription to MCI. Merci beaucoup!


  1. I remember learning the run and fell seam at school. Could not do it now!

  2. That looks like a wonderful Easter lunch! I like the term "a Futility Room!" I think I'd like to have one! Thank you for sharing the link to the run and fell seam! I learned something new today!

  3. Lovely to hear about this and see Almonds United! I love your hankie idea! I am a firm believer in using a cotton hankie now (I buy men's ones) as I honestly feel that the disposable ones give me a perpetually itchy nose which is assuaged by using cotton instead.


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