Thursday, 6 July 2017


Definition of aftermath; 
the consequences or after-effects of a significant unpleasant event.
I always felt that was a little unfair -I love maths, and after I have been thinking about number patterns and shapes and algebra I generally feel better than I did before. Also I think 'aftermath' can be applied to unpleasant after-effects, even if the event itself was good and pleasant at the time. Like enjoying a huge meal, or engaging in strenuous sport...or, in my case, sewing.
All the Aladdin costumes were delivered to school yesterday morning, to the delight of the Deputy Head. I returned to a Dining Room very much the worse for wear, and the prospect of our Alpha Group arriving later. Look at this chaos!

  1. Scissors, pins and elastic. I am SO grateful for my big Bernina 'Grabbit'  Magnetic pin catcher - bought for me 25 years ago by my Auntie Peggy.
  2. The patterns I used for the waistcoat and harem pants - the trusty cardboard waistcoat pattern which has been used for many years - and the trouser pattern cost £1 in IKEA in 1993. I just shortened the legs and put in an elastic casing.
  3. All the hangers had a label with child's name, character name, and costume details.
  4. Despite the bag hooked under the edge of the overlocker, the carpet still got festooned with threads and trimmings.
  5. I had to move all the furniture into the lounge in order to vacuum.
  6. Leftover fabric was pushed into my shopping trolley to be sorted later
  7. My stash of overlocker threads is gradually decreasing. 
  8. The three machines were moved out into the hall
  9. This is the only costume I remembered to photograph - the one for Widow Twanky. The top is a dress from the £1 rail in the CS, with pink trim to neck and cuffs. The skirt is one of Mum's old sheets, with a lace edging, and the apron is some scrap white fabric with more of the pink.
The clothes rail went into school [this is Monday's picture - there was much more on it by Wednesday morning]  Lack of space in the school car park meant I had to park in the layby up the road. Then I assembled the rail on the pavement, loaded all the hangers, and punched it round to the front door. 

I got two wolf whistles, and waves from a pair of smiling policemen who drove past in their Panda car. By 3pm, the dining room was all ready for the Alpha Meal. I was grateful that I was not cooking  - two others in the group brought the food.

I have discovered that aftermath has an alternative meaning. It can mean a second crop of grass, following mowing. I like that idea - that after something has been cut down, it springs back to life again, and produces fresh growth.
When awful events happen, it is always good to see that in the aftermath, positive results can often follow, in the middle of the sadness.


  1. You had a busy day! But the dining room looks like it was never used for anything other than dining!


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