Friday, 7 July 2017

Be Positive and B Negative.

The day after the bomb in Manchester, both my daughters went and gave blood.
Rosie was presented with a sticker. It is important that we pass on our values to our children, and they understand that a slight discomfort on our part can mean the gift of life for some unknown stranger.
I gave blood last week [poor Bob, his offer of a donation was refused because of his recent visit to the hospital]
Yesterday I had a text from the Blood Service, thankingme - and telling me my blood had bee used in London at St Thomas' Hospital.

It is good that they bother to thank donors, and great that they are able to actually tell you where your blood went. What makes it extra special for me is that St T's is the hospital where Rosie was born. Somebody there could be positive about life because of my B Negative blood!


  1. I'm not allowed to donate blood but I really admire all those that do. Well done to you and your girls x

  2. There is a place nearby my house where one can donate blood, but I can never remember my blood type, so I fear being rejected. Still, this post is a good reminder I should go over and ask!


  3. Thank you for this post. I work for the Blood Transfusion Service and feel like I'm giving something back as I cannot donate myself. I had 2 units of blood and 2 units of plasma when I gave birth to my son 30 years ago & My mum is only here today thanks to the Blood transfusion service when I was born. If someone is thinking of donating, they don't need to know their blood type. All donations are screened and typed & there is a website here, that might help,

  4. On my 18th birthday My father gave me the forms for the Greater London Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service, at the time it was different from the national service as one went to a hospital where fresh blood was needed. I'm O positive, mixes with everyone, we used to receive feedback so knew what the operation was and the result.

    Once I had children it was impractical to go rushing of to a central London hospital at a moment's notice, had been fine when I worked in London of course so I joined the usual national service. My total donations were 45, I was so disappointed when I was no longer able to continue on health grounds.


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