Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Buzzing With Excitement!

In March 2019, the Women's World Day of Prayer Service will be from Slovenia. That seems a long way away- unless you happen to be on the WWDP National Committee and have been preparing materials for this event since 2017. [I am in London this week for WWDP stuff]
I confess to almost total ignorance about Slovenia until I started the preparation. I couldn't even locate it on a map. Then I discovered [to my shame] that it is bordered by 4 other countries - and I have visited every one of them - Albania, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. But the great thing about Slovenia is the bees. This nation is passionate about them - nearly 5% of the population keep bees. 
For three centuries, since Slovenian Anton Jansa studied bees and became a recognised European expert in apiculture, this nation has recognised the vital importance of these insects to our survival on the planet. May 20th is always marked in Slovenia as AJs birthday.
The Slovenians have been petitioning the UN - and have finally succeeded, last week it was declared by the UN that this year, May 20th will be recognised globally.
Watch this space, there will bee more information soon...


  1. Slovenia is one of those places that I couldn't point to on a map. It is humbling and encouraging I think while we are watching lots of news and shouting about "important"places - USA, Europe, Britain - that normal people in "small" countries are doing such great things

  2. What a joyous post. Regards Sue H

  3. Hi! I am really happy about this news. Apparently it is a wonderful place to visit@


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