Sunday, 14 January 2018


Two weeks ago, I declared my blogword for 2018
The idea for this came whilst I was in Norfolk. It had grown out of our Advent Conspiracy themes [Worship fully, spend less, give more, love all]
It was only when I got back to Dorset, and I was riding my bike along the cycle path, that I watched buses driving past on the road, and remembered the name of the Bournemouth and Poole Bus Company - it is morebus! Every bus has the word more emblazoned on the side.

You know I love words - 'bus' is a contraction of the Latin word omnibus. That means for all.
So our local transport company's name could be re-interpreted as morebus = more for all.
I was thinking about buses on Friday as I listened to the story of Rosa Parks in Alabama in 1955 [BBC Radio 4 Extra] This was the real start of the Civil Rights Movement in the USA, and Martin Luther King's call to non-violent resistance [such as the bus boycott]
Our world still needs more justice, more dignity - for the many, not the few.
BTW Jeremy Corbyn didn't originate those lines, he borrowed them from Shelley's Poem "Masque of Anarchy" written in 1819, after the Peterloo Massacre 
The people there were peacefully protesting. Over a dozen were hacked to death in the Calvary charge, and hundreds injured. 
Their banners proclaimed their desire for "Reform" "Universal Suffrage" "Equal Representation" and "Love" 

Most definitely, we still need more love, for all

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