Sunday, 28 January 2018

I've Got To Tell It To The World...

On Thursday and Friday I did some supply work in a local C of E Primary School. That meant I got to attend "hymn practice assembly". It was delightful to watch the classes all walking in, silently, whilst one teacher played the piano. Then we sang a mixture of pieces old, and new - including Colours of Day [Light up the Fire] and Hallelu, Hallelujah! and this one, which I have not sung for years  - I think I first came across it in the "Junior Praise" hymnbook in the 1980s. The children sang it beautifully
He gave me eyes so I could see 
The wonders of the world
Without my eyes I could not see
The other boys and girls.
He gave me ears so I could hear
The wind and rain and sea,
I've got to tell it to the world
He made me. 

He gave me lips so I could speak 
And say what's in my mind,
Without my lips I could not speak 
A single word or line, 
He made my mind so I could think 
And choose what I should be, 
I've got to tell it to the world 
He made me. 

He gave me hands so I could touch
And hold a thousand things
I need my hands to help me write
To help me fetch and bring,
These feet he made so I could run
He meant me to be free
I've got to tell it to the world
He made me.

The lyrics are so simple, as is the melody - but the truths behind the song are profound. Thank you children- listening to your bright voices made my afternoon really special!
Can you remember any favourite School Assembly songs?


  1. I used to play from Junior Praise, Mission Praise and the BBC hymnbooks. You've brought back a few memories. I had a wonderful time in Hymn Practice - hope the children did too. We even had 2 part singing.

  2. Mine were all hymns in the 1960 and 70s - When a Knight won his spurs in juniors, Personent Hodie was a great one to belt out in the run up to Christmas in secondary school.

  3. That's a lovely song with really great lyrics. Because we are not a Christian school (and have mixed religion) we don't do hymns as such though we've been singing Simple Gifts recently which has hymn-like qualities.

  4. We used to sing Lord of the Dance. I had no idea what was going on but I really liked it


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