Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Strip Tease!

Jenny has sewn all her squares and sent me a  photo.
All her blanket needs now is a crochet edging and it's done.
My squares have remained in neat stacks on the sideboard for weeks. 
As Bob was away all day at a committee in Didcot [6am alarm] I decided I would spend the day sewing strips. 
I set myself up with yarn, needle and scissors... 
At the start of the morning, I had just two strips already sewn.
With over 150 more squares to go, I needed to find something to occupy my brain whilst I stitched. Something long and interesting... 

I worked away diligently for hours.
I am still not finished, but I am getting there.

And I have really enjoyed binge-watching The Crown [thanks Steph] Once I have reached the end of that, I will review it.


  1. Well done you! I really like binge-watching TV shows. It's nice watching it all at once. I do that with marathon ironing sessions-on the rare occasions that I iron. When I was a teenager, I used to be more diligent and used to iron for 2.5hours on Saturdays watching the Sunset Beach omnibus on Channel 5!x

  2. Your blanket looks lovely. I've just finished binge-watching 'Grace and Frankie' on Netflix though perhaps it's not your cuppa!!I tried watching the Crown but just couldn't see how they thought an ex-Doctor Who could replicate Prince Phillip, who was always a very handsome man.

  3. Kezzie - I too often binge-watch when I have an ironing mountain. Nana GoGo - I don't know Gravce and Frankie - but as I like Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, perhaps I should check it out. I think Matt S is doing a fair job of being the Prince - but it must be very difficult to play the part of a man whose face/mannerisms are so well known. Claire Foy is good as the Queen I think.


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