Saturday, 20 January 2018

Vive Le Français!

Since I posted about my French soap, I keep noticing other French stuff. I hope to be among those lining up to gawp at the Bayeux Tapestry when it finally gets here. This French Embroidery has fascinated me since childhood.
Then yesterday, Liz alerted me to the work of French Canadian artist Elise Gravel. She has produced a great poster celebrating women scientists.
To my shame, I have to admit that I can only tell you things about half of them. More research needed there...
Liz said she'd like to put up EG's posters 'boys can be' and 'girls can be' in Rosie's bedroom. So I went onto the Net to find this, and found the French ones.

 My French isn't that good, so I was glad to discover that there are English versions available.
Who knew that in Quebec, the word is Prout

I love the sentiment of these posters- and if I was a class teacher, I would love to pin them on the wall of my classroom [probably in French, for added educational benefit!] 

My final bit of Français came with the delivery of my latest Marie Claire Idées magazine [thanks Steph!] 
Lots in here to get excited about... once I have translated it.

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  1. I love these posters! We have a lot of boys and girls at my school who have these fixed ideas of what genders can do.


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