Thursday, 4 January 2018

Well Deserved!

In recent days, the media has been full of articles about people who have been recognised in the Queen's New Year Honours List. You may or may not agree with the system. Like me, you may wonder why certain celebs 'get a gong', when it is not altogether clear how they have contributed to society. But I am pleased that since the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the British Empire Medal has been awarded to 'ordinary' people who have made a difference.
I am particularly delighted this week that our friend Eddie Martin has received the BEM. Eddie lives Ferndown, and our church is happy to support his charity, Myra's Wells. Do read the full story of how Eddie's response to the tragic death of his wife in 2005 was to do something positive in her memory.
In September, UCF donated the Harvest Thanksgiving Offerings to the charity - and Eddie came and spoke movingly about the work which has been going on for more than 12 years now.
When Myra was killed in a road accident, Eddie asked for gifts in her memory, hoping to raise enough to build one well. At the time, people donated enough for two - and the gifts have kept coming. Over 104 communities in Burkina Faso have now been blessed with fresh, safe water. 
God bless you Eddie, for all you continue to do. We know that meeting the Queen and getting your medal will be a great honour - but the smiles on the faces of these children probably means much more.
You can make a donation here if you wish.

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