Monday, 8 January 2018

New Year, Love Food, Hate Waste

Don't you love the way that the same word can mean two totally different things?
"That girl is full of sauce, she'll find herself in a real pickle soon, and I don't relish being around to sort her out"...And none of that has anything to do with tracklements.

I am not sure that chutney or mustard have other meanings though. 
Please pause for a moment to lament the impending closure of the Colman's Mustard Factory in Norwich after 160 years. Very sad news- I hope they reconsider!
I've been busy sorting out the pantry. I brought quite a few foodstuffs back from Norfolk, including a 2 half eaten jars of pickle and chutney, and an almost finished bottle of brown sauce. Hugh F-W's Leftovers book contains a great recipe for "Many Chutney Brown Sauce" developed by his Head Chef Gill. I love brown sauce on my Saturday Breakfast, so decided try it out on Saturday.
You simply scrape all the stuff into a large saucepan, [add a little boiling water from the kettle if it is very thick]bring to the boil, and simmer for 10 minutes. Then taste for flavour. If needed add in some more salt/sugar or vinegar. Gill suggests that some mango chutney will add 'brightness'. Now purée with a stick blender/processor. Boil for 5 minutes more, stirring constantly. Pour into sterilised bottles. From jars to bottles in about half an hour..
I put the jar of tamarind paste in the picture because I added a spoonful of that to the mix. I knew that HP sauce lists tamarind as an ingredient.
Gill says this sauce will keep for a year. I think I will get through my 2½ bottles well before next Christmas.
Liz and Jon made lots of splendid sourdough bread whilst we were in Norfolk. My other thrifty activity last week was to turn the heels of two loaves* into toasted breadcrumbs. These should keep for a month in the airtight jar. I'll sprinkle them on salads, use them to coat fish, toss them over trifles...
*is this a case of 'showing a clean pair of heels'?
Have you found any new ideas for Christmas Leftovers?


  1. You are keen as mustard on your leftovers ideas.

  2. No new ideas but, no doubt inspired by in this as in all things, I was quite pleased with how little waste we've had since the roast beast feast. I've just done my grocery order too, and have tried ignoring my favourites' list, ordering instead only what I know we'll need this week. Hoping it will cut down on waste as much as it has on total price! I did think of you when I heard about the Coleman's closure- you, the champion of all things good!

  3. ps I do love your Made with Love stickers!

  4. that is indeed sad news about Coleman's closing,

  5. AM ashamed to say that we threw out lots of food - stupid expensive food that we wouldn't normally eat anyway. We were all feeling too queasy after sickness bug to even look at the stuff. There is probably a lesson in there somewhere.

  6. Martha, You cannot help it when sickness bugs take over. Mags, I can't remember where those stickers came from. I wish I'd bought a second packet!

  7. The waste in Northumberland this Christmas was criminal. It was all down to the usual of unrealistic expectations of what everyone will ACTUALLY eat, when they will be there, sheer greed and gluttony and not thinking about a budgeted amount. It made me especially cross THIS year as more was spent this year WITHOUT buying Christmas dinner than is usual WITH Christmas dinner!
    Well done to you!x

  8. I made some stew and then, a big pot of soup with the leftover roast beef my cousin gave me after Christmas dinner. The stew and soup made several lunches and dinners for me.

    1. I love the way that stews and casseroles seem to taste better on the second day!


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