Friday, 20 April 2018

Card Sharp

I love the Sue Ryder Charity Shop on the edge of Fakenham. This is where I bought that sheet music. My other purchase recently was a plastic bag full of greetings cards.
The bag was quite heavy, and cards front and back showed this track through a snowy field. 
The info said that Norfolk artist Columbine Winstanley had produced a range of paintings showing the beauty the English countryside for the Quality Card Company
The bag wasn't sealed - so I took out the stack and looked - there were various different designs. They were printed on high quality card, and were blank inside. And the bag was priced at £1.50.
I queried this at the till, and was told the low price was due to the lack of envelopes - so I happily handed over a £2 coin.
When I got back to Cornerstones, I checked out the contents.
Six different designs - three landscapes; the field, some cheerful looking cows, and an empty swing under some trees - but the majority were 'floral' snowdrops, irises, and a bunch of autumnal fruits and foliage.
I think they are lovely
I counted them - 80 altogether. I've purchased bought some white C5 envelopes online. The cost per card&envelope comes in just under 2p . Bargain!
I have already used some as notelets - writing beautifully with my fancy new fountain pen.
But I plan to use my BigShot diecut machine to print off some 'sentiments' [happy birthday, best wishes, with thanks...] to turn others into regular greetings cards.
I send quite a lot of cards in the course of a year - some posted, others hand-delivered. It is good when I can plan and make a card specially [eg for Steph & Gary's Wedding] but on the other hand, to have a stack of good quality ones ready-to-go is always useful. I wonder how long this CS bargain will last me?


  1. What a great find, really lovely cards. And being all the same size and being able to source envelopes to match is brilliant.

  2. Well done, Ang. Cards can easily cost about £2.50 these days which is a lot for a piece of folded card and an envelope. 2p is such a bargain for the same enjoyment of the recipient.

  3. That was a good bargain! Especially as you were able to find envelopes for them!

  4. That is an excellent and useful bargain, one that the joy will be passed onto other people by. I like sending cards!


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