Thursday, 26 April 2018

Pigs; Both Salt And Peppa!

I cleaned and refilled the stoneware salt pig in my kitchen this week. I do love this efficient bit of kit - it keeps the salt clean, dry and easily accessible. Dave's hand carved spoon is so useful for scooping out the quantity I need.
I always thought that the name salt pig came from the domed shape like a pigs head, with the snout on the front. 
However, I have recently discovered that pig is simply an old Scottish dialect word for pot

The other word I have just learned is the Anglo Saxon word spōn which means a chip of wood - and is the origin of our word spoon.

The other pig round here is of course Peppa Pig. Peppa Pig World is not too far away from Ferndown, but I gather it is quite expensive, so we're in no rush to take Rosie. She is, like many other 2 year olds, very fond of this little pink cartoon character.
When we were looking after her at Cornerstones, she asked if she could watch CBeebies. However the only PP we could find was on iPlayer- and in Gaelic.
"Put it on anyway" I said to Bob. The programme started, and Rosie did not seem at all bothered by the wrong language. Then she shouted "Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle!"... and the next picture to appear on screen was Peppa Pig and a muddy puddle. She clearly knew which story it was, just from the pictures. I know I think our grand-daughter is gifted, but I am sure she hasn't learned Gaelic yet!
I learned the word spōn from this book. I first read about the author, Barn The Spoon, on the Spitalfields Life blog, and Jon has kindly lent me his copy to read. I'll review it properly once I have finished it!


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