Monday, 23 April 2018

Still Turning...

Last week, Bob's sister Denise and her husband Kevin dropped in en route to their holiday. It was so good to see them. In the past month we have seen 16 different family members, which is lovely, considering we are all so busy, and so spread out across the country. 
We got to talking about TV and the fact that like us, D&K like the "Eurocrimes." Denise is a great linguist, and probably doesn't need the subtitles as much as I do. We were talking about 'Spiral- the French cop drama which returned to BBC4 in January after a three year break. In France, the series is called Engrenages, which means 'gears'. I prefer the English title, as I love spirals...
Being a Maths geek, I'm fascinated by the way that the Fibonacci sequence occurs in so many place in nature, in the form of a spiral

 The patterns in sunflower seeds, ferns, snail shells, romanesque cabbages, galaxies, the DNA structures, cobwebs...

Truly wonderful.
I like using spirals when I am doing creative stuff too. It is so much easier to doodle or to crochet a spiral rather than to  make perfect circles!
There's something wonderfully organic about the way this shape just grows and increases.
Some people produce messages in spiral form.
 Above- two alternative versions of a favourite Bible passage. One starts at the edge, the other at the centre. Below, an interesting presentation of someone's New Year Resolutions.

I'm not sure if 'Shetland' comes into the Eurocrime category - but up in those northern isles, there are some amazing ancient Pictish carvings, involving intricate spirals.
My birthday gift from Denise and Kevin was a silver necklace. It is lovely [thanks D&K]The leaflet in the case says the design was inspired by these. Shetland carvings.
Everywhere I turn, I seem to find spirals!


  1. I do like spirals too!! They are v pleasing to look at! I like to write in different ways to my penpal Katie and sometimes, I cut a circle and write in a spiral!

  2. I must go to your own book of Irish tales to see if you saw the Newgrange spirals...


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